Continuing the series of videos from the Every Nation 2020 North American Church Planting Initiative, the following videos were played in churches all over North America to send a message that we all have a part to play in our upcoming church plants.

So for this video we took an interview we shot before the details for this video series were actually finalized. Luckily we asked the right questions. Unfortunately on the day, this was one of many interviews we had shot and the sun was not behaving. I color corrected as best as I could, but to no avail.

The earth zoom was a combination of this and that in reverse with a backwards thunder claps and whooshing sounds from my top secret stock audio source.

Stock video was mostly from iStockphoto as well as generously donated by acclaimed filmmaker Isaac Alongi. It’s amazing what happens when you simply call up a guy and ask.

All the tracking you see was done prior to CS6. So in short it was a pain in the butt. I used basic 2D trackers in After Effects, with a quick mask when the text was behind the trees in that one shot and a very rough Rotobrush (it has come a long way between CS5.5 and CS6).

We actually shot these interviews for this project so the PrayGiveGo message was really driven home here.

Same ol’ Earth Zoom. We decided on a slower zoom so we can feature North America a little bit before gettin’ down to Cincy. I might add, I used Bing maps this time for the zoom images and their screen caps didn’t have watermarks and were better quality than the Google Map and NASA images I used for the Chicago zoom. Just sayin’. Google Maps is definitely better, but if you’re gonna do an earth zoom, you won’t need to shop out watermarks if you go with Bing.

I had CS6 at this point so the “56,774 University Students” was my first venture into their 3D Camera Tracking. One thing I learned the hard way, make sure your footage is the same frame rate as your comp, or your camera track will be terribly choppy. If your comp has to be a certain frame rate, After Effects is superb at interpreting footage. Just right click on the video file in your project browser and click interpret and punch in your comp’s frame rate and you’re golden.

If you’re going to use SureTarget and you need everything to be in focus make sure you disable depth of field. I don’t know if it’s on by default or if I had foolishly enabled it because I wanted stuff to be all blurry, but don’t use it unless each target is the thing you want in focus.

As far as the map image, I simply imported the illustrator file of the map with markers from our graphic designer, grouped all the orange markers and blue markers and applied the same exact animation to all of them, then offset each one to create a random “Look ma! I just dropped all these markers onto a map” feel. There is definitely a much simpler way, but I was strapped for time and finding it would have taken longer than this method.

And the grand finale! The idea for this video was approved a mere month before it was slated to release. I literally was in Boston one week to interview Pastor Adam Mabry, D.C. the next for Pastor Brett Fuller, and finally Orlando to interview Pastor Brian Taylor. Let’s break down what I frantically edited together in 24 hours in my hotel room in Orlando.

That opening shot was stationary on sticks. I basically laid the text down and made them both 3D layers in After Effects. I arranged the text at my preferred angle and then created a camera and created an artificial move. The text really sells the effect and proves that if you can’t get it in the camera, you can do it more controlled and dynamic in post 🙂 It hurt me to write that.

All the b-roll, save for Cincinnati and the archival photos, was shot by me with a liberal dose of Warp Stabilizer. The text behind Pastor Brett and Adam Mabry was done after a 3D Camera Track and Rotobrushing the Pastors from the background.

One saving grace, as this being the final video in a series, was that I was allowed to hearken back to older videos and basically reuse footage as I saw fit, in places literally just laying down entire chunks of the Cincinnati video as is.

Hopefully you find these breakdowns helpful. I’m having a blast making these. Post a comment if you want me to focus on something specific, or elaborate on how badly I steal from Andrew Kramer.

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