Campus Harvest 2013 Teaser

Basically the culmination of my month long quest to assimilate Andrew Kramer. Seriously, if you’re even remotely interested in After Effects, go to and do all his tutorials and buy all of his products. /endPlug

Nothing much to say, just another gross abuse of the SureTarget plug in with some TimeWarp and Time Remapping thrown in. And if you were wowed by the text shattering, with exploding particles in the background, you can easily make it yourself!

A lesson I learned is that when dealing with a still, don’t use rotobrush. I used it on the Newsboys (*Note. Newsboys have since been pulled from the teaser) and it’s not nearly as precise as just masking it all out, using separate masks for hair, like I did with the Henry Seeley still.

Anywho, if you like the video give it a thumbs up on Youtube and if you’re excited about Campus Harvest, spread the word and let folks know it’s coming to seven cities this year!

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