The Official 2013 Every Nation World Conference Promo

With the 2013 Every Nation World Conference around the corner we needed a short and sweet promo video to send to our churches around the world. This is the result of scouring shoeboxes for footage no one knew we had. I cut a lot of corners to meet such a short turnaround, but I find the result to be quite satisfying.

Watch the video after the jump.

I spent a few hours on youtube just searching for footage of transportation from all around the world from the iconic jeepneys of the Philippines, to the double decker buses of London, to the comical extreme tricycles of suburban America. The goal was to convey that the World Conference was something you should get to by any means, in a lighthearted way.

After mass emailing the office and driving out to the faraway land of Antioch, TN, I was coming up empty on footage from previous World Conferences. In my despair I uncovered a few shoeboxes I had acquired upon my employment. Originally I thought these were just filled with junk, but I held on to them just in case. I discovered the contents of these boxes were a treasure trove of DVDs of photos and digitized videos from an entire decade of Every Nation history. So junk in any other context was my saving grace.

So the eternal problem of blowing up old standard definition footage from the dawn of the millenium to 1080P was one I thoroughly copped out of. Instead of framing them interestingly or applying some kind of visual treatment to make it look “aged” I just zoomed in and didn’t leave the footage on screen long enough for the eye to see how ugly it actually was.

The footage from 2004’s World Conference was both limited and extremely degraded, but the quality of photos from that year were quite good and very high resolution. I simply brought them into After Effects and animated it ala “The Kid Stays in the Picture.”

After Effects to the rescue with their 3D Camera Track, I was able to take some Warp Stabilized highway footage and marry 3D text to it. I duplicated the text layers and adjusted the color balance all the way to black, then rotated the text layer 90 degrees back on the Y axis, adjusting the size and opacity to make it look as much like a shadow as possible. It really sells the effect and gives the piece that elevated production value it needed due to all the SD footage.

This was a surprisingly quick edit, which really goes to show the importance of having a good script written out beforehand (Thanks to Thelma, my boss), and finding hidden value when you really need it. It was divine intervention that made me look in those dusty shoeboxes. This edit would have been a very long one had I not found the material I did inside. If you have a box of junk you haven’t looked through yet, find a free moment to just go through it, you never know if you’ll come across the very thing that can take your project to the next level.

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