Campus Harvest 2012: ARISE Recap

Why I haven’t been sleeping. I’m satisfied with how this came out considering the circumstances. It solidifies my conviction that I need to draft a guide for what I will require of conference venues and local videographers for these videos. My hat goes off to the guys in Austin, TX. They sent me a hard drive with all the footage digitized with audio recorded right off the board. Unfortunately I hit a wall with their XD-CAM footage since I do not have Final Cut Pro installed along with their suite of XD-CAM codecs. Fortunately I came across a workaround, but was not anticipating how much more my Macbook Pro would fight me as this was the first edit I had done entirely on this machine.

It felt like Apple was actively sabotaging my edit with their shrinking codec support and utter disregard for video professionals in their wanton abandonment of several video standards, including professional video editing software. I’m seriously considering having work order me a Windows 7 laptop with a discrete graphics card. I can go on and on about how terrible Apple is for video editors, but I want to focus on the video.

I can’t stress enough how important getting good audio from the venue is. I was only able to be in Durham to shoot and I was under the impression they were going to deliver the audio to me, but all I ended up taking away was the Jib footage and the stuff I was able to shoot with my DSLR rig. Still the P2 Card files were a Godsend as the jib shots really upped the production value of the piece.

As much as the footage from LA was great, it caused the greatest amount of heartache. They were the first to get me their footage, unfortunately when I opened the FedEx box, I was met with 10 HDV tapes. Every house in New York City charged $200/hour to transfer HDV to a drive. I ended up renting a deck from AbelCine which did not always play nice with the format. It took me 20 hours to capture 10 hours of footage. This experience has an upside…

…I will never work with someone who’s shooting tape. I don’t care if you’re willing to digitize it all for me, if you’re not recording to card media, or a firestore, no thank you.

Still it was amazing getting to experience LA and Austin through their footage and now you can experience a glimpse with this recap.

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