Pressed for Words

I woke up this morning and forgot how to make poast. CSS isn’t like riding a bike apparently. I have apparently allocated the time and brain capacity for web development into videogames.

And surprisingly, I’m fine with it. Gimme them wordpress templates! Splash page? Try page! Technology just moved waaaay too fast for me to bother keeping up. I have years of useless Flash programming tucked away somewhere ‘neath the cobwebs of my brain, less than 2 years for that to be completely obsolete. My desire to keep up with my site designs kept me from doing anything at all for over 3 years! Just throwing money away for hosting what essentially was an ftp with a seriously ugly website on the cover.

So that stops now. I’m not saying I will all of sudden be productive on this thing, but now folks can just go to and check out how I’m wasting time on the countless other platforms linked there. And if you care to read about whatever’s popped into my head at random and nowhere near keeping to a schedule, then welcome to jay kim dot net slash blog.

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